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Alex Riddle’s passion as a fine artist has been pushing the structural boundaries of her work through unorthodox size, weight, and material. Before discovering her love for apparel design, Alex built wooden furniture and wire sculptures with a similar focus on unconventional structure. Last summer, at the age of 20, she interned at Atelier Caraco in Paris to assist with the construction of Margiela and Givenchy’s Fall 2018 Couture Collection. The development of her technical skills has always been imperative to her design process, and through this internship, she was able to meticulously hone her craft.

In Alex’s senior collection at RISD, she pulled inspiration from her time growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her collection, “Frostbite” reinvents twentieth century arctic gear. She brought a new approach to the concept by assembling complex units like backpacks and lunch bags to make large warm coats.

One principle Alex has always been attached to is the strict utilization of only sustainable materials. Her collection consists of only all-natural fibers with absolutely no plastics or synthetics. Through the use of considered materials, Alex draws inspiration from her childhood and her diligent craft to create work that is uniquely her own.